Mary Christina Brown ACTING RESUME


Mary Christina Brown | SAG-AFTRA

HEIGHT: 5'5  WEIGHT: 125






Pay Dirt - Kioko | Dir. Christian Sesma

Vigilante Diaries - Supporting - Oscar Gold Productions | Directed by Christian Sesma

Coco aka Love Beats Rhymes - Featured - Codeblack Films | Directed by  RZA

AWOL 72 - Supporting - Triumphant Pictures | Directed by Christian Sesma

Max Steel - Stunts - Dolphin Entertainment | Open Road Films | Directed by Stewart Hendler

Interface (Short Film) - Supporting - Ramsity Productions | Directed by Ben Ramsey

The Man with the Iron Fists - Featured - Universal Studios | Directed by  RZA

Night of the Templar - Lead- Sampson Enterprises | Directed by Paul Sampson

Blind Serenade - Supporting - (short film) Calico Works | Directed by Danny Lee

Fast Lane - Supporting - Maya Entertainment | Directed by David Betonces

Dark Island - Lead - Epic Picture Group | Directed by Sam Gorski & Niko Pueringer

Blood and Bone - Featured- Sony Pictures | Directed by  Ben Ramsey

Repeat Offenders - Lead - Moki Entertainment | Directed by J.D. Cochran

Another Lonely Road - Supporting | Co-Producer - Ram City | Directed by Ben Ramsey

Shadow Man - Supporting - High Vision Project | Directed by  Devevre

Loaded - Featured - Allumination Filmworks | Directed by Alan Pao

Kings of Hollywood - Supporting - Calico Works | Directed by Danny Lee

Night of the Leben Tod - Supporting - The Asylum | Directed by Eric Forensberg

Spin - Featured - Vivendi Entertainment | Directed by Dan Neira

Stand Up - Supporting - Rainpix | Directed by Micheal Rainin

A Talent for Trouble - Featured- Buck 50 Productions | Directed by Marvis Johnson

Rolling - Supporting - Indican Pictures | Directed by Billy Samoa Saleebey

That Game of Chess - Supporting - Madan Prem Entertainment | Directed by Raja Bundela

Doomed - Lead - Automatic Media |  Directed by Michael Su

Girlfriends and Enemies - Lead - (short) Banged Out Productions |  Directed by Richie Mac

Barely Buzzed - Featured - Directed by Carter Harris

A Night in Compton - Supporting - Maverick Entertainment | Directed by Davin Baptiste

The Nights (short film) - Lead - Academy of Arts SF | Directed by Verra Svechina

Ultimate Reality -Featured (Beautiful woman) WonderPhil Production | Dir. Phil Gorn

The Nark (short film) - Lead - Directed by  Playwright Octavio Solis

A Day in the Park (Short Film) - Lead - SFSDF | Directed by David Gee

Super Flip - Featured (Geisha) - Directed by Celine Salazar Parrenas | UCLA


Jaded (TV Pilot) - Supporting - Dir. Christian Sesma

Doomsday Device aka Pandora's Box (SyFy TV Movie) - Lead - Cinetel Films |  Christian Sesma

MindBlown (SyFy TV Movie - Supporting | Stunts - Ton of Hats | Christian Sesma

The Ministry - Lead (pilot) - Ramcity Productions - Dir. Ben Ramsey

Tales from the Other Side - Co-star (pilot) - Way Beyond Entertainment- Dir. Richie Mac

Estudio 2 - Principal Dancer | Choreographer - KRCA 62- Liberman

Stim TV on Internet-Webisodes - Co-star | Principal Dancer - Stim TV- Dir. Evan Glodell

Boys Town - Featured Dancer - Dir. Chris Gansen

Campus Ladies - Co-star - Oxygen - Dir. Sean Lambert

Kitchen Confidential - Co-star - FOX - Dir. Fred Savage

Dance 360 - Series Principal Dancer - UPN -Dir. R DiPirro

Caliente - Series Principal Dancer - Univision Network | Dir. Angel Aponte

B.E.T. Club Comic View - Series Principal Dancer - B.E.T. | Dir. Tony McGuin

MDN "Do This" - Co-star - Spike TV- Dir. Matty Lesham


Currently training with Graham Shiels Studio (Private Coaching)

Studied with Sharon Chatten (Scene Study, improvisation, sensory work, physical and mental relation)

Studied with Paul Currie (Scene Study, Cold Reading, audition technique), Lauren Nadler, Robert Burgos (Scene Study/Improv) Stanislavsky System of Physical Actions with the Bennett Theatre Lab in San Francisco Commercial Technique Celia Shuman with Full Circle Productions in San Francisco

Voice: Alto (Belter) -Mezzo Soprano (2 1/2 octave, low F to a high D)

Studied voice with Wendy Parr, Judy Hubbell, Lois Roberts Dialects: (American) New York, Southern, Spanish, British

Trained styles of Martial Arts in the past: Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Capoeria, Shao-Lin (Tiger-Crane Style) Hung Gar Kung Fu with Sifu Buck Sam Kong, and Krav Maga with Roy Elghanayan

Studied: Stunt Training/Fight Choreography with Geo Corvero, Arnold Chon, & Peter Lee Thomas 

Fight Choreography / Judo with Chad Stahelski - 6 months - 87Eleven Action Design


Knife fighting/Combatives training with Sayoc Kali / Tribal Tactics (Filipino Martial Arts) - The Art of the Blade - Tuhon Brian Calaustro

Pencak Silat, LaCoste/Inosanto/Ilustrisimo Kali, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Jeet Kune Do, KickBoxing, and Shooto Wrestling at the Inosanto Academy

Grappling for Fight Choreography - Head of Grappling - Hugh Fitzgerald - 87Eleven Action Design 

Yoga Practice in Hot Power, Vinyasa, and Yoga Sculpting

Filipino Martial Arts w/ Guro Victor Gendrano Jr. - Filipino Martial Heritage - Instructor under Guro Dan Inosanto 

Silat Buka Lingkaran (Indonesian Fight Art) - Alvin Guinanao - SBL Training Group Southbay taught by Guro Alvin Catacutan and Ma' Aug Tauteoli 

Ballet at the Edge Performance Center - Hollywood


Ajarn Chai Sirisute / Guro Dan Inosanto - Muay Thai Summer camp held in Oregon - 2010

Sayoc Kali - Pamana Tuhon Chris Sayoc seminar held at Inosanto Academy (IAMA) - June 2014

Sayoc Kali - Sayoc Summer Sama Sama 2014 - Los Angeles - July 2014

Sayoc Kali seminar with Tuhon Tom Kier held at Tomacelli Aademy - October 2016

Sayoc Kali - Sayoc Winter Sama Sama - November 2016

1st Annual Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Camp with Jean Jacques Machado and Professor Gary Padilla - January 2017

Sayoc One Tribe seminar fundraiser for Silak Leonore and Tuhon Brian Calaustro - March 2017

Guro Dan Inosanto, Silat Camp - Inosanto Academy (IAMA) - May 2017

Sayoc Kali seminar with Tuhon Tom Kier held at Tomacelli Academy - May 2017

R.A.P.I.D. International Master Class in Jiu Jitsu and Combatives with Master Antonio La Salandria & Robert Arevalo - 87Eleven Action Design - October 2017

Close quarter combat with Master Apolo Ladra held at the Kaizen Dojo - December 2017

Sayoc Kali with Tribal Tactics Seminar with Tuhon Brian Calaustro - May 2018

SPECIAL SKILLS: Drive Manual, ESK8, Rope Dart, Horseback Riding, Esk8ing, SpeedBoarding, Rollerskating, Fight Choreography, Handles automatic weapons (shooting range), Sword Fighting, Freestyle and Dance Choreography in Hip Hop, Hawaiian, Tahitian, Modern, Jazz, Ballroom, and Latin Dance, Singing (Mezzo-soprano & Alto)


SCIL - Military Project for the US Army/Marines - Lead - Dir. Asa Shumskas-Tait

DataCom - Principal - Pacific Bell-Chris Johnson-Dir

WYLE Electronics - Principal Dancer - MVP Media Group- Dir. Danny Walker

TIBCO - Principal - US WEB-CKS- Dir. Randy Fields

Shopping on the Net - Principal - Levi Strauss-Jennifer Terwillger

Echo-Boom Generation - Principal - Levi Strauss-Kitty Rey


"GONE" by Erick Morillo, Junolarc & Chris Child feat. Ora Solar - Subliminal Records / Armada Music - Dir. Jimi Dava

"Fairy Tale" by Saint Asonia - Complex Films - Dir. Christian Johnston

"Be Who You Are" by Carey NOkey - Super Fly Films - Dir. Jimi Dava

"WISH I" by JEM (UK Artist) (shot in Malibu, California) Featured Hawaiian Dancer -Choreography by Kuma Hula Keali i Ceballos from Halau Keali i O Nalani Dance Company - The Artists Company - Dir. Steven Muras

"Why Don't You & I" by Carlos Santana featuring Alex Band of the Calling (shot in SF, CA) Featured Dancer- DNA Prod.-Dir. Mark Webb

"Nothing at All" by Carlos Santana featuring Musiq Soulchild (shot in SF, CA) Featured Dancer- DNA Prod.-Dir. Mark Webb

"Keep It Hot" by Egyptian Lover (shot in Los Angeles) Featured Dancer - Directed by Suzy Kassem AKA The Blue Panther

"Shot at the Title" by Your Horrible Smile (shot in Los Angeles) Principal Dancer - Dir. Ben Jacks

"Blood Bleeds Red" by David Lockhart with Stereoblasters - Prinicipal Dancer - Dir. Zebediah Ysabel De Soto

"Shakin It Up" Talk of the Town by Oakland rapper "Habitt" (shot in Los Angeles) Principal Dancer - Fat Daddy Records

"Hollywood & Highland" Principal Dancer - Serekh Ent./Thin Ice Prod. Andrew "Strange Ways" - Comic Book Bad Girl /Dancer - Dir. Jennifer Barlow

"Keep On Rising" Jay-J featuring Latrice Bernett - Prinicpal Dancer - Moulton Studios-Dir. Jpaul Baca

COMMERCIAL (Conflicts available upon request)

Diet Pepsi

Nestle Water


The New Gilligans Island (TBS Network)

Apollo Ale

Apple Bees

Silicon Valley College

Fox Network


Z95.7 Radio Station

:60 Radio Becker Media Energy

92.7 Radio Station :60 Radio Heald College

:60 Radio Silicon Valley College :60 Radio

PRINT/MODELING/SHOWS: 24 hour fitness campaign, Smooch Jeans, Steve Madden, Mesmerize, Lakhay, HP Trading, Jamaiican Style Swimwear, Royal Clothing, Royal Blunts, Smash Pit Magazine, BQE Magazine, Energy 92.7 Radio Station, Stonestown Galleria (San Francisco) Nordstrom (San Francisco) Energy 92.7 Fashion Show, San Francisco Pinnacle Production Calendar of Asian Spokemodels (San Francisco) Filipino Association Fashion Show, San Francisco Fil-Am News (Asian Journal)


California Science Center Discovery Ball and Cleopatra Exhibit | Performer | Zen Arts Los Angeles | Doug Miller

West Coast Reggaeton Concert | Dancer | Machete Records/Universal

Kung Fu Femmes  | Performer | The Key Club (West Hollywood)

The Mayan Theater  | Dancer (Various shows0 | Richard Velasco

Rockstar INXS | Dancer | Epic Records

Popikok  | Dancer/Choreographer | Michael Satro

Maximum Comedy Crush | Dancer/Choreographer | UCLA-Los Angeles

Avalon Theater  | Dancer/ Choreographer | Copper Dallas

City Slam Dance Co.  | Dancer (Various of shows)  | Ronnie Reddick

Modern Dance Co.  | Dancer (Various Modern Shows)  | Cal State University

Hair, the Rock Musical  | Ronny  | San Francisco State University

Tracks in Time  | Jane, the fashion Model  | San Jose Stage

One Mille Bornes   | Jacqueline  | Red Rocket Theatre | San Francisco, CA 

Opium Cafe  | Christie  | Diego Riveria Theater | San Francisco, CA

Street Scene  | Rose Maurrant |  Diego Riveria Theater | San Francisco, CA

Spirit of Polynesia Dance Company | Dancer (Various shows)   | J. Kimo

Tahiti Fete  | Choreographer/Principal Dancer/Solo  |  Pua Tokumoto

San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival  | Dancer (Various shows)  |  Jerry Duke

Carnival  | Dancer (Various of shows)  |  SF Carnival

Purity of Impact  | Gina  | RubberMatchSerieZ  Theater Co. |  San Francisco, CA

Two Gentlemen of Verona  | Silvia | YPT Musical Theatre Co.

Carnival   | Olga/Principal Dancer | YPT Musical Theatre Co.

British Invasions  | Featured Vocalist/Dancer |  YPT Musical Theater Co.

Rainbow Tribute to Harold Arlen |  Featured Vocalist/Dancer |  YPT Musical Theater Co

It’s a Bird, it’s a plane, it’s…  | Flying King Acrobat  | YPT Musical Theater Co. (various shows)

**City Slam Dance Team  | Hip Hop  Jazz Dancer | Choreographer Ronnie Reddick

Asian Spokesmodel & Talent Show (Hip Hop/Tahitian Choreography)

Ms. Hawaiian Tropic Pagent | Contestant | Won 1st runners up &  1st place Talent Competition